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MOT Repairs Bilston

An MOT needs to be conducted yearly and to high standards. Our expert team ensure the best service and full transparency. This test is to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy and meets the safety requirements stated by the DVLA.

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Things We Will Check During The MOT

We will check many components in your vehicle to ensure it is safe to drive and in line with legal requirements. These include:

Honest Explanations In Case Of A Fail Result

We want our customers to be happy with our service, therefore we will always provide you with honest and accurate results. If your vehicle happens to fail the MOT, we will give a full explanation and clear reasoning as to why.

Additionally, our team will happily show you the problems we have found that led to this result. We can run you through how we can fix the issues and how we can make sure it passes on the retest. In addition to this, we can highlight the requirements for passing the MOT.

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